Signo Resource Centre

Signo Resource Centre provides services to individuals with hearing impairment in combination with various functional impairments, individuals with deafblindness and their network.

Large wooden buildings in a summer landscape.

Nationwide service offerings

We are located in Andebu in Vestfold and Telemark, but most of our services are nationwide.

We are  part of The Signo Foundation, a non-profit and diaconal organisation.

Our services

We are located in the County of Vestfold, but most of our services are nationwide. 

  • Consulting in the education sector
  • Consulting for individuals with deafblindness
  • Sign language courses (day and evening courses)
  • Sign language training for parents and siblings – “See my language”
  • Communications courses for adults and their assistants, caregivers, or companions
  • Courses and conferences
  • Part-time training for children and youths
  • Adult training
  • Specialised professional library 

We also conduct research, development and innovation work (R&DI). 

Stronger together

Our extensive experience has made us deeply familiar with the inherent impacts and challenges of having a hearing impairment in combination with various disabilities. While any single disability will impact multiple developmental areas, multiple disabilities tend to negatively reinforce one another, posing a complex set of problems to overcome.  

We place substantial emphasis on individual adaptations, and we are always searching for new possibilities. The Signo Foundation’s vision is “Limitless belief in human potential”. This vision guides not only our basic attitude, but also our everyday actions at Signo. Potential is in everyone, and we must help make its fulfilment a reality.

Please contact us if you have any questions.