About Signo

Unconditional belief in humankind is our vision.

A man is sitting on a horse. A lady is holding the horse.

An excellent training for deaf-blind

Geir is training on horseback once a week. Balance training is a smart thing to do when you are born deafblind.

Service nation-wide

Signo offers nation-wide services by seven different units. We provides services to 700 deaf and 190 deafblind persons.

Our core value

The core value is to understand and to be understood. Communicating includes doing things together. And we take that seriously.

Varied service

The kinds of services offered vary greatly and they are as different as the people that take advantage of them.

Signo provides:

  • Housing, culture and leisure
  • Education
  • Sheltered work and work assistance

Where in Norway?

Signo is located in Oslo, Andebu and Sandefjord, Bergen and Trondheim. 

Our knowledge obout deaf and deafblind people

Signo has great experience of and knowledge about the challenges deaf and deaf-blind people face. In Signo, we are concerned with understanding, tolerating and also supporting people’s differences. Some seek an offer of service for a shorter period of time, while others need comprehensive offers of serviced housing.

The organisation

Signo is an NGO

Signo is an independent freehold diaconal foundation within the Church of Norway. Signo is a non- governmental, non-profit foundation. 

The secretary general is the manager of the foundation 

He or she is responsible for implementing the decisions of the main board as well as initiating new activities and projects, coordinating activities and being visible and available to the public.

Our seven units

Have their own boards. Three of these units are stock companies. Financial support is based on agreements with the public authorities.

Employer for deaf people

Signo is Norway’s largest work place for deaf people who are employed in all kinds of job positions.

What does our name means?

To us the impact of the Latin word “Signo” is “I’m signing”. We use sign language and various alternative and supplementary communication.

Signo is a participant in international networks and development assistance.

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